Sam and I arrived in New York by 10 am Saturday. Took a frantic taxi ride to the Jacob Javits Center to set the booth up.

When you first get there the isles are filled with crates and cases, the beep, beep, beep of cranes and other industrial machines sound off against bare walls. As exhibitors file in the booths begin to shine with art and design.

You walk out of an industrial zone and the next morning the carpet is down and the show is open for business!!

We spent the next full three days meeting other exhibitors (this is awesome!), art directors, creative directors, product design and development directors, publishers, buyers, retailers, merchandise managers,  CEO’s, presidents,  licensing directors, fine art companies, poster companies, manufacturers, and new artists walking the show to learn about the industry. Also we took turns walking The National Stationery Show.

Now the work begins! Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up

I have to say I’m most excited about the opportunity to have my art licensed for stamps, fabric, and kits to encourage creativity in others. To share the joy of art-making is part of my mission via The Art Prescription!! Cheers! Beverly