Haiku September 2, 2012 Praying Mantis

Graceful, walks on stilts

Turns head, big eyes look at me

Prays, licks paws, cat-like!

Art Prescription:  An insect to love, Praying Mantis. They start off about the size of a mosquito, and grow to be several inches long. I once had the same Mantis live on my basil for about two months! At the time I wanted to write a book called “Manni in the Herb Garden,” a children’s illustrated guide to herbs. I found this bug fascinating to watch, and it’s true the way they lick their front limbs and clean their face it very cat-like. They turn their head in a way that gives them immediate personality. When I watered my basil this particular fellow would come up to the top of the plant to get a drink. There are so many things to find and observe in nature! And if you have time to sketch even better!

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