Haiku August 16, 2012 Sexy Bras


Bind, mold, shape, lift, divide, fit

Fit? Fashion? sexy?

Art Prescription:  Okay so this is predominately for my female readers. I recently bought a new swim suit from a local athletic store. I’m a lap swimmer so my suits wear out fast. When I went to pick it up, the store owner informed me that they will now be stocking the suit I ordered…you know a lap suit with a shelf bra. She commented she wasn’t as “old as I was and she liked a bit of support.” WHAT!?! That was a few weeks ago, and me being me, I’m still thinking about shelf or no shelf, under-wire, or athletic, padded or minimizer…Really don’t we all just want to be comfortable under our clothes. Is this too simple to ask? Our culture and advertising dictates what the “real” woman should look like. Masses of women are spending lots of money to try and fits these ideals. How have we gotten so far away from seeing each other as real human beings, each with an individual spirit and joy of life, each with their own gift to give right now. I now step down from my box…

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