One horse open sleigh

O’re the hills, Secret Santa

Dashing through the snow.

Art Prescription:  So my horse Finn, today, told it like it is! Santa used to go about his big night with a huge horse-drawn sleigh. But the neigh- sayers and disbelievers said, “Flying horses? Next thing you will believe in Unicorns!” So Santa down-sized to reindeers, who were much lighter on the foot. A bonus up on roof-tops!

But, Finn tells me that the eve before Christmas Eve…Santa likes to venture out with his herd! It is truly a silent night, where horse’s hooves jingle, sending magic sparkles like fireworks across the land.

Finn says Santa landed on the barn and left an ornament for each horse beside their bridles.

After such excitement, the horses lazily returned to their hay…Secret Santa intact.

Index card with colored pencil:

Holiday horse ornament.jpeg