Morning Rush February 2, 2017

Testing gravity

For no apparent reason

She thought she could fly!

Art Prescription: When the knees and the concrete met, it was evident she could not. Coffee, however, seems to take flight until alas it empties it’s precious fuel.

I think I will stick to feeling weightless in the pool…bruised knees, bruised ego.

Index card painted with coffee (the cup I did not have) and watercolor pencil:

Index card coffee.jpeg

2 thoughts on “Morning Rush February 2, 2017

  1. I enjoy your daily art so much. My friend Madeline Cains had one of your classes when she lived in Chapel Hill and told me about your website. I’m so sorry you had a “spill” this morning – but I just love your honesty and humor about it, and I thought it was a good opportunity to say I love your work!

  2. You poor dear. I hope you don’t feel too sore tomorrow, and I am thankful you didn’t get too injured. I enjoy how you painted your spill with real coffee, though. ☕️

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