Damn Near Perfect December 4, 2014

Dried hydrangeas

Their season of glory done

Form, “Damn near perfect.”

Art Prescription:  I found out today that one of my favorite patients passed away. I just want to honor him here. He was a delightful person, and every time anyone asked him how he was his response was, “damn near perfect.” I sure hope he has a “damn near perfect” journey to the other side.

Farley hydrangea

9 thoughts on “Damn Near Perfect December 4, 2014

  1. This is very touching. Thanks for doing this. I am sure he will appreciate it. I sure will miss him and his “damn near perfect” response EVERY TIME we asked him how he was doing – even if he was in pain. How lucky we were to know him. Now he is doing PERFECT.

  2. What a beautiful tribute. We will always remember his infectious personality and his words of reply “Dam near perfect”. He and Bill were perfect compliments to each other especially on their afternoons at the beach scouting out the towns and places for lunch! They are both so missed but so happy in their new home. Pray they watch out for all of us.
    Love, Anne Farley

  3. Dave was a wonderful person, you could never go wrong with serving him a hot dog or giving him mustard and relish for Christmas. He will be missed.

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