Yin and Yang January 2, 2014

Live by the sunlight

Dream sweet by glow of the moon

Seek the yin and yang.

Art Prescription: One secret to life is balance. How do you achieve the sweet spot of finding joy everyday?

sun and moon

8 thoughts on “Yin and Yang January 2, 2014

    • Hi, was just getting ready to message you to thank you for the wonderful card!! It meant a lot to me to receive a hand-made artsy card! So this piece is a watercolor. It is already sold, but if you would like I could paint a new one for you. I will email you details.

  1. Dear Beverly,
    It is now 2016, and I am seeing this piece for the first time.
    It really speaks to me, and watercolor is my favorite medium.
    How large is it?
    Would you still be willing to paint another one?
    And what would it cost?
    Thank you.

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