Nocturne December 7, 2014

Chickadee nocturne

Musical composition

Sweet, evocative.

Art Prescription:  We love the sweet song of the chickadee. We hear this particular nocturne in the evening.

Art journal collage, colored pencil, pen and ink:

art journal chickadee

5 thoughts on “Nocturne December 7, 2014

  1. I like the song of the white collared (necked) sparrow. It’s very plaintive and evocative. 1st chemo tomorrow M

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  2. Boy, that chickadee sketch is amazing. Really well done. I’d love to incorporate art journaling in to my work. Anytime I need inspiration, I know where to go. Wow, amazing what you’re able to produce! I’m in awe. Thanks again for the follow and for inspiring me and so many others with your prescriptions.

    • I think art journaling is my favorite thing! Making art just to make art! No worries about composition etc just free expression! I just added a page on my site for Art Prescription Kits. I would really like to encourage others to art journal. So I’m developing some kits with hand-painted butterflies and ephemera for folks to use. My kits are a work in progress. Any suggestions from other artists are welcomed!

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